I am the son of Earth, Earth is my Mother: pratijnä tava govinda na me bhaktah pranasyati iti samsmrtya samsmrtya pränän sandhärayämy aham


aparädha-sahasräni kriyante 'har-nisam mayä däso 'ham iti mäm matvä ksamasva madhusüdana

Truth, high and potent Law, the Consecrating Rite, Fervour, Brahma, and Sacrifice uphold the Earth.   May she, the Queen of all that is and is to be, may Prithivī    make ample space and room for us. Not over awded by the crowd of Manu's sons, she who hath  many heights and floods and level plains;   She who bears plants endowed with many varied powers, may Prithivī for us spread wide and favour us. In whom the sea, and Sindhu, and the waters, in whom our food  and corn-lands had their being,   In whom this all that breathes and moves is active, this Earth.  assign us foremost rank and station! She who is Lady of the earth's four regions, in whom our food   and corn-lands had their being,   Nurse in each place of breathing, moving creatures, this Earth.  vouchsafe us kine with milk that fails not! On whom the men of old before us battled, on whom the Gods    attacked the hostile demons, The varied home of bird, and kine and horses, this Prithivī   vouchsafe us luck and splendour! Firm standing-place, all-bearing, store of treasures, gold-breasted, harbourer of all that moveth.   May Earth who bears Agni Vaisvānara, Consort of mighty  Indra, give us great possessions May Earth, may Prithivī, always protected with ceaseless care by    Gods who never slumber, 

May she pour out for us delicious nectar, may she bedew us  with a flood of splendour. She who at first was water in the ocean, whom with their wond-  rous powers the sages followed,  May she whose heart is in the highest heaven, compassed about    wit h truth, and everlasting,  May she, this Earth, bestow upon us lustre, and grant us power  in loftiest dominion. On whom the running universal waters flow day and night with    never-ceasing motion,   May she with many streams pour milk to feed us, may she    bedew us with a flood of splendour. She whom the Asvins measured out, o'er whom the foot of   Vishnu strode,   Whom Indra, Lord of Power and Might, freed from all foemen  for himself,   May Earth pour out her milk for us, a mother unto me her son. Prithivī, auspicious be thy woodlands, auspicious be thy hills    and snow-clad mountains.   Unslain, unwounded, unsubdued, I have set foot upon the   Earth,   On earth brown, black, ruddy and every-coloured, on the firm    earth that Indra guards from danger. Prithivī, thy centre and thy navel, all forces that have issued    from thy body   Set us amid those forces; breathe upon us. I am the son of Earth, Earth is my Mother. Parjanya is my Sire; may he    promote me.

Earth on whose surface they enclose the altar, and all-performers  spin the thread of worship;   In whom the stakes of sacrifice, resplendent, are fixed and raised    on high before the oblation, may she, this Earth, prospering,    make us prosper. The man who hates us, Earth! who fights against us, who    threaten us with thought or deadly weapon, make him our    thrall as thou hast done aforetime. Produced from thee, on thee move mortal creatures: thou  bearest them, both quadruped and biped.   Thine, Prithivī, are these Five human Races, for whom, though    mortal, Sūrya as he rises spreads with his rays the light that is    immortal. In concert may these creatures yield us blessings. With honey of    discourse, O Earth, endow me. Kind, ever gracious be the Earth we tread on, the firm Earth,   Prithivī, borne up by Order, mother of plants and herbs, the    all-producer. p. A vast abode hast thou become, the Mighty. Great stress is on    thee, press and agitation, but with unceasing care great Indra    guards thee. So make us shine, O Earth, us with the splendour of gold. Let    no man look on us with hatred. Agni is in the earth, in plants; the waters hold Agni in them, in the stones is Agni.   Agni abideth deep in men: Agnis abide in cows and steeds. Agni gives shine and heat in heaven: the spacious air is his, the   God's   Lover of fatness, bearer of oblation, men enkindle him. Dark-kneed, invested with a fiery mantle, Prithivī sharpen me    and give me splendour! On earth they offer sacrifice and dressed oblation to the Gods.   Men, mortals, live upon the earth by food in their accustomed  way. 

 May that Earth grant us breath and vital power. Prithivī give    me life of long duration! Scent that hath risen from thee, O Earth, the fragrance which.   growing herbs and plants and waters carry,  Shared by Apsarases, shared by Gandharvas therewith make  thou me sweet: let no man hate me. Thy scent which entered and possessed the lotus, the scent    which they prepared at Sūryā's bridal,   Scent which Immortals Earth! of old collected, therewith make    thou me sweet: let no man hate me.Thy scent in women and in men, the luck and light that is in.    males,   That is in heroes and in steeds in sylvan beasts and elephants,   The splendid energy of maids, therewith do thou unite us,. Earth! Let no man look on us with hate.

Rock earth, and stone, and dust, this Earth is held together,.  firmly bound. To this gold-breasted Prithivī mine adoration have I paid. Hither we call the firmly held, the all-supporting Prithivī,   On whom the trees, lords of the wood, stand evermore immov- able. Sitting at ease or rising up, standing or going on our way.   With our right foot and with our left we will not reel upon the    earth.I speak to Prithivī the purifier, to patient Earth who groweth    strong through Brahma.   O Earth, may we recline on thee who bearest strength, increase,    portioned share of food, and fatness. Purified for our bodies flow the waters: we bring distress on    him who would attack us.   I cleanse myself, O Earth, with that which cleanseth. Earth, be thine eastern and thy northern regions, those lying    southward and those lying westward.   Propitious unto me in all my movements. Long as I tread the  ground let me not stumble. Drive us not from the west or east, drive us not from the north    or south,   Be gracious unto us, O Earth: let not the robbers find us; keep    the deadly weapon far away. 33Long as, on thee, I look around, possessing Sūrya as a friend,   So long, through each succeeding year, let not my power of    vision fail. When, as I lie, O Earth, I turn upon my right side and my left,   When stretched at all our length we lay our ribs on thee who    meetest us.   Do us no injury there, O Earth who furnishest a bed for all. 35Let what I dig from thee, O Earth, rapidly spring and grow    again.   O Purifier, let me not pierce through thy vitals or thy heart.

Earth, may thy summer, and thy rains, and autumn, thy winter,  and thy dewy frosts, and spring-time.   May thy years, Prithivī! and ordered seasons, and day and    night pour out for us abundance. The purifier, shrinking from the Serpent, she who held fires that    lie within the waters,   Who gives as prey the God-blaspheming Dasyus, Earth choosing   Indra for her Lord, not Vritra, hath clung to Sakra, to the   Strong and Mighty. 38Base of the seat and sheds, on whom the sacrificial stake is    reared,   On whom the Yajus-knowing priests recite their hymns and    chant their psalms,   And ministers are busied that Indra may drink the Soma juice; On whom the ancient Rishis, they who made the world, sang    forth the cows,   Seven worshippers, by session, with their fervent zeal and    sacrifice; 40May she, the Earth, assign to us the opulence for which we    yearn,   May Bhaga share and aid the task and Indra come to lead the    way. May she, the Earth, whereon men sing and dance with varied    shout and noise,   Whereon men meet in battle, and the war-cry and the drum    resound,   May she drive off our foemen, may Prithivī rid me of my foes. On whom is food, barley and rice, to whom these Races Five    belong,   Homage to her, P arjanya's wife, to her whose marrow is the    rain! 43Whose castles are the work of Gods, and men wage war upon    her plain   The Lord of Life make Prithivī, who beareth all things in her    womb, pleasant to us on every side! May Earth the Goddess, she who bears her treasure stored up    in many a place, gold, gems, and riches,   Giver of opulence, grant great possessions to us bestowing them    with love and favour. Earth, bearing folk of many a varied language with divers rites    as suits their dwelling-places,   Pour, like a constant cow that never faileth, a thousand streams    of treasure to enrich me! Thy snake, thy sharply stinging scorpion, lying concealed, be-    wildered, chilled with cold of winter,   The worm, O Prithivī, each thing that in the Rains revives and    stirs,   Creeping, forbear to creep on us! With all things gracious bless    thou us. Thy many ways on which the people travel, the road for car and    wain to journey over,   Thereon meet both the good and bad, that pathway may we    attain without a foe or robber. With all things gracious bless    thou us. Supporting both the foolish and the weighty she bears the death    both of the good and evil.   In friendly concord with the boar, Earth opens herself for the    wild swine that roams the forest. All sylvan beasts of thine that love the woodlands, man-eaters,.    forest-haunting, lions, tigers,   Hyena, wolf, Misfortune, evil spirit, drive from us, chase the    demons to a distance. 50Gandharvas and Apsarases, Kimīdins, and malignant sprites,   Pisāchas all, and Rākshasas, these keep thou, Earth! afar from    us.

To whom the winged bipeds fly together, birds of each various    kind, the swans, the eagles;   On whom the Wind comes rushing, Mātarisvan, rousing the    dust and causing trees to tremble, and flame pursues the blast.    hither and thither; Earth, upon whom are settled, joined together, the night and    day, the dusky and the ruddy, Prithivī compassed by the rain    about her,   Happily may she stablish us in each delightful dwelling place. Heaven, Earth, the realm of Middle Air have granted me this    ample room,   Agni, Sun, Waters, all the Gods have joined to give me mental    power. am victorious, I am called the lord superior on earth,   Triumphant, all-o'erpowering the conqueror on every side There, when the Gods, O Goddess, named thee, spreading thy    wide expanse as thou wast broadening eastward,   Then into thee passed many a charm and glory: thou madest    for thyself the world's four regions. In hamlets and in woodland, and in all assemblages on earth,   In gatherings, meeting of the folk, we will speak glorious things    of thee. As the horse scattereth the dust, the people who dwelt upon    the land, at birth, she scattered,   Leader and head of all the world, delightful, the trees' protectress    and the plants' upholder. Whate'er I say I speak with honey-sweetness, whatever I behold    for that they love me.   Dazzling, impetuous am I: others who fiercely stir I slay. Mild, gracious, sweetly odorous, milky, with nectar in her breast,   May Earth, may Prithivī bestow her benison, with milk, on me. Whom Visvakarman with oblation followed, when she was set    in mid-air's billowy ocean   A useful vessel, hid, when, for enjoyment, she was made mani-    fest to those with mothers.Thou art the vessel that containeth people, Aditi, granter of the    wish, far-spreading.   Prajāpati, the first-born Son of Order, supplieth thee with what-    soe'er thou lackest. Let thy breasts, frec from sickness and Consumption, be.   Prithivī, produced for our advantage.   Through long-extended life wakeful and watching still may we  be thy tributary servants. O Earth, my Mother, set thou me happily in a place secure.   Of one accord with Heaven, O Sage, set me in glory and in  wealth.

ajnänäd athavä jnänäd asubham yan mayä krtam ksantum arhasi tat sarvam däsyenaiva grhäna mäm

sthitih sevä gatir yäträ smrtis cintä stutir vacah bhüyät sarvätmanä visno madiyam tvayi cestitam