Viva Colombia god Bless America!


13 Earth on whose surface they enclose the altar, and all-performers    spin the thread of worship;   In whom the stakes of sacrifice, resplendent, are fixed and raised    on high before the oblation, may she, this Earth, prospering,    make us prosper. 

14 The man who hates us, Earth! who fights against us, who    threaten us with thought or deadly weapon, make him our    thrall as thou hast done aforetime. 

15 Produced from thee, on thee move mortal creatures: thou bearest them, both quadruped and biped.   Thine, Prithivī, are these Five human Races, for whom, though  mortal,Sūrya as he rises spreads with his rays the light that is    immortal. 16 In concert may these creatures yield us blessings. With honey of    discourse, O Earth, endow me. 

17 Kind, ever gracious be the Earth we tread on, the firm Earth, Prithivī, borne up by Order, mother of plants and herbs, the    all-producer. 18 A vast abode hast thou become, the Mighty. Great stress is on    thee, press and agitation, but with unceasing care great Indra    guards thee.   So make us shine, O Earth, us with the splendor of gold. Let    no man look on us with hatred.