Union y Diversidad! Krsna, the supreme personality of godhead, is the spiritual master of all spiritual masters.



     19 Agni is in the earth, in plants; the waters hold Agni in them, in the stones is Agni.   Agni abideth deep in men: Agnis abide in cows and steeds. 20 Agni gives shine and heat in heaven: the spacious air is his, the   God's   Lover of fatness, bearer of oblation, men enkindle him. 21 Dark-kneed, invested with a fiery mantle, Prithivī sharpen me    and give me splendour! 22 On earth they offer sacrifice and dressed oblation to the Gods.   Men, mortals, live upon the earth by food in their accustomed    way.   May that Earth grant us breath and vital power. Prithivī give    me life of long duration! 23 Scent that hath risen from thee, O Earth, the fragrance which.    growing herbs and plants and waters carry,   Shared by Apsarases, shared by Gandharvas therewith make  thou me sweet: let no man hate me.