1 Truth, high and potent Law, the Consecrating Rite, Fervour, Brahma, and Sacrifice uphold the Earth. May she, the Queen of all that is and is to be, may Prithivī make ample space and room for us. 

2 Not over awded by the crowd of Manu's sons, she who hath  many heights and floods and level plains;   She who bears plants endowed with many varied powers, may   Prithivī for us spread wide and favour us. 3 In whom the sea, and Sindhu, and the waters, in whom our food   and corn-lands had their being,   In whom this all that breathes and moves is active, this Earth. assign us foremost rank and station!  4 She who is Lady of the earth's four regions, in whom our food and corn-lands had their being,   Nurse in each place of breathing, moving creatures, this Earth.  vouchsafe us kine with milk that fails not! 5 On whom the men of old before us battled, on whom the Gods  attacked the hostile demons,   The varied home of bird, and kine and horses, this Prithivī vouchsafe us luck and splendour! 6 Firm standing-place, all-bearing, store of treasures, gold-breasted,  harbourer of all that moveth.   May Earth who bears Agni Vaisvānara, Consort of mighty    Indra, give us great possessions 

7 May Earth, may Prithivī, always protected with ceaseless care by Gods who never slumber,   May she pour out for us delicious nectar, may she bedew us with a flood of splendor.