Vrinda Parivar International Universalidad Sol Gurumaharaj sunday holy darsham " Lord Sri Krsna's is time!!" "Kala!"

"Srila Prabhupada gave us the gift of Krsna Consciousness!"
" a conscious outside of Krsna Consciousness is miserable!"
"The worse offense that a devotee can commit is to lose the company of other vaishnavas!"
" I am dependent on the sun!"
I am dependent on the water!"
I am dependent on pachamama!"
I adore you Lord Sri Krsna!"
"Krsna is Kala!"
"I don't complaint about time!"
"Time is our friend!"
"Krsna is always on our side!"
"No one can ever separate us from serving Krsna!"
"No one can ever stop us from serving Krsna!"
"Krsna is the center of Children!"
"Krsna is the center of parents!"
"everything that lord Sri Krsna does is perfect!"
 Wonderful quotes His divine grace Srila Bhaki aloka Paramadvaiti Maharaj, Berlin, Germany  June 6,2022