Vrinda Parivar International Nectar of Sadhusanga's Gurumaharaj sunday holy darsham " We have to be patient"


" We have to have patience, we have to be dynamic, let's not compete with one another!"

" be patient and let's not stop being friends!"

"Turn backwards never, fight with one another is not an option!"

"When we chant the maha Mantra  and we adore the deities we can continue to survive?"

" We have to be patient with all the devotees"

"If you eat meat we love you but if you don't eat meat we will love you even more!"

"in the midst of this craziness there will be a spiritual awakening!"

"devotees love everyone, people who are hostile, people who are confused, even the people who do harm to us!"

" Do not have negative relationships with anyone!"

"When the going gets tough, the tough get going!"

" tons and tons of people in Russia and Ukraine are chanting hare krsna!"

"The maximum happiness for me is to be united with all of you every Sunday!"

 Wonderful quotes His divine grace Srila Bhaki aloka Paramadvaiti Maharaj, Berlin, Germany  June 12,2022