Happy Mothers's day beloved eternal mother srimati rhadarani at your lotus feet! thank you beloved mother for giving everything and I give you everything!

                               " Srimati Rhadarani is the supreme goddess, she is absorved in Krsna!"    
                                           "Srimati Rhadarani is always in the fronline!"   
                                           "Srimati Rhadarani is Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu!"
                                      "to serve Srimati Rhadarini is how we serve Krsna!" 
                                                       "the love of Rhadika is my guru!" 
                     " I hope you are prepare to be with rhadarani!  the first guru is the mother!"

wonderful quotes from Homage to all mothers Gurumaharaj' holy Sunday Darshan  Berlin, Germany, May 8th, 2022 

at the lotus feet of that guy who hates masks