Vrinda Parivar International Nectar of Sadhusanga's Gurumaharaj sunday holy darsham " something to remember!!"


                                                " a kshatrya protects dharma!"
                              "Our Life is as good as we give it to Krsna!"               
                          "My whole existence is for my lord and master!" 
                           " Do you accept that Krsna is the one who gives you everything!" 
                  " to be with Krsna and to be with his devotees is what makes life valuable!" 
"Is one of us more important than others, No!"
"We have to learn from our mistakes!"
"We always have to serve!"       
 "We cannot accept that a life without god is a loser's life!"
                                             "If you don't know your creator you are a loser!
                          "You have to understand what busines do I have in this world!"
 "We have to decide whether we are going to go back home to Krsna or we are gonna stay in this material world!"
   Wonderful quotes His divine grace Srila Bhaki aloka Paramadvaiti Maharaj,Bulgaria May 29th,2022